TITLE: AH Plumbing Case Study


Our client is a renowned Plumbing company based in the Greater Blue Mountain regions NSW.


Our client required a website where they can showcase their Plumbing Services and wanted to target their online presence to the right target audience


Supreme Supports developed content based and service focused website which was also optimized for search engines. Following content creation, the wireframe was structured around AH Plumbing's marketing goals and users.


A Katoomba, the Greater Blue Mountain region, NSW based Plumbing company operating and serving their customers since 2016 providing their service in the local area.


AH Plumbing was very keen to develop a new marketing strategy and showcase their plumbing services in the online world. Their main goal was to reach the targeted plumbing market and generate qualified customers from their website.

Our client operating their business since 2016, but ever since, they did not have any website for their business. Since their starting, they have been doing their business fully offline and completely by their physical sales team. They only depended upon some advertising and posters, nothing else.

Internet is now in everyone’s hand; people now are searching for plumbing services right from their computers or mobile device. AH Plumbing lately understood that they got to make a website which can be seen on the local people’s devices.


Though it was not a big project and we didn’t have to put a vast amount of data on the website, Supreme Supports and AH Plumbing consulted, made the decision of how they want their website to look and how the navigation should be. After 1 month of intensive research and wireframing, Supreme Supports came up with a brand-new website built from scratch with an eye-catching homepage design, easy to navigate website.

We also were able to make the whole website (including every page) responsive. The project was almost about focusing the client’s services in the Plumbing field, so it didn’t take us a long time to build. With some minor edits and revisions, we had to make sure the website maintains the standard of user-friendliness.


Supreme Supports created a fully responsive website for AH Plumbing that represents their highly specialized capabilities in the plumbing sector. We worked with the client to find the right balance between content and design that would deliver a clean look and feel while not sacrificing SEO.

Key Outcomes

Since our inception and Re-design their online presence and business has increased and continues to provide a large portion of their revenue.