TITLE: Austral Built - Residential Builder Case Study



Our client is a renowned Residential Builder company in Ingleburn NSW, Australia.


Our client required a complex website where they can showcase their past developed and developed projects and potential designs to offer to their valued customer.


A brand-new eye-catching website was built by Supreme Supports which increased their business rapidly. Now their customers can see and browse their future homes online that they choose to go with this builder.


An Ingleburn (NSW) based Builder company operating and serving their customers since 2014 providing their service only by their salespeople now can showcase and sell their designed property from their website.


Austral Built was very interested to develop a new and winning marketing strategy and offer their online presence on the web. Their primary goal was to reach the targeted market, building brand awareness and generate qualified leads from their website.

Our client started their business a long time ago, since 2014, but ever since, they did not have any web presence in the online world. Since their opening, they have been doing their business fully from scratch and completely by their physical sales team. They did a lot of sales since that time and our biggest challenge was to recollect those documents and re-present those sales portfolio to the website.
With the rapid growth of the internet, people now are searching for their future homes right from their computers. Austral Built recognized that trend and moved towards us to build them an all-device friendly and responsive website.

And the last thing they wanted was to force people to search for their desired house. With the integration of MLS (Multi Listing Services) database, it should be easy for Austral Built’s customers to search and find their desired house. Supreme Supports’s design & development team worked extensively on testing to ensure the connection went smoothly.


Due to the size and sensitivity of this project and a vast amount of data to put on, Supreme Supports and Austral Built quickly developed a close relationship to face the challenge and make some ground-breaking strategy to complete the project successfully. After 3 months of intensive research and wireframing, Supreme Supports came up with a brand-new website built from scratch with an eye-catching homepage design, easy to navigate website.

We also were able to make the whole website (including every page) all device friendly (including mobile, tablet, etc.). The project was largely on the Client-focused side and depending on the client’s data, we had to uncountable edits and revisions we had to make sure the MLS runs both correctly and be user-friendly.


We, Supreme Supports created a fully responsive website for Austral Built that represents Austral Built’s highly specialized capabilities of designing and developing gorgeous houses on the online world. We worked with the client to find the right balance between content and design that would deliver a clean look and feel while not sacrificing SEO. Focusing on information architecture, we ensured that a number of different users could successfully navigate the site and find the information they needed to have confidence in Austral Built’s capabilities.

Key Outcomes

Since our inception and Re-design their online presence and business has increased and continues to provide a large portion of their revenue.