It is always overloaded at the CES (Customer Electronic Show). Hundreds of Tech companies and thousands of people. This year at CES 2019, there were more than 15,000 products to showcase. And all those thousands of people from the tech news industry try their level best to make you a part of the show by broadcasting news, images, videos live from the CES 2019. Most of the time there are products that are still in DEMO state and not to be ready to be used. Sometimes we feel like there is a science fiction movie going on there! Every year thousands of COOL prototypes are being showcased. But this year at CES 2019 there is a difference. This year there are a higher proportion of cool products showed there which are ready to come in the tech market.

By today, there are so many cool products got announced already but today we are not here to cover in general products. We are here today to cover some really COOL & Future changing products.

Uber's partner flying taxi - The Bell Nexus.

A Helicopter for your Uber ride!

The Bell Nexus. 3D Rendered futuristic helicopter.

The Bell Nexus. 3D Rendered futuristic helicopter.

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A helicopter from a comic book, isn’t it? Last year a helicopter company called Bell announced and showed off a scale model of their Nexus helicopter. (Actually, it’s like a Hexa-Copter!) It was known that it is becoming Uber’s next flying Taxi. This year at CES 2019, Bell showed their Hexa-Copter’s full-scale model. It gave us an impression of Batman’s multi-functional car, The Batmobile. The company also claimed that this vehicle will be in service by sometime in 2020.

A bicycle connected to Alexa

The Cybric E-Legend is a bike with Alexa

Cybric E-Legend bike with Alexa.

Nobody ever imagined that a bicycle could have a voice assistant functionality that will not only work as an assistant but also a fitness tracker, a direction giver, speed tracker, traffic information and provide navigational cues and more! But Cybic Legend has built one for the CES 2019 and gave us an WOW! impression. The Cybric E-Legend is a bicycle which is integrated with Amazon’s Alexa. But not so surprisingly Alexa will not paddle you up to run this bicycle.

The Cybric E-Legend bike's dashboard with Alexa

The Cybric E-Legend bike’s dashboard with Alexa.

Cybic Legend said that this bike will be released in the UK in this Summer. Here is a list of what this bike can do partnered with Alexa,

  • Fitness metrics
  • Speed metrics
  • Distance traveled
  • Time
  • Live traffic information
  • Navigational cues
  • Activate the bike’s integrated lighting system
  • Turn on the front and rear lights using only the rider’s voice
  • And audio player
  • GPS

The Willow breast pump has got an update

Willow breast pump-2.0 at CES 2019

Willow breast pump-2.0. Top News

Last year at CES 2018, we’ve seen a friendly device for breastfeeding moms. The Willow breast pump which was introduced last year has got an update this year and named the Willow breast pump-2.0. If some of you don’t know what Willow breast pump is, then here is what it is. Willow breast pump is a wearable that fits in women’s bra to suck up the breast milk for their child. It works quietly, without your notice to store milk when you go out. The milk is stored in a special spill-proof container.

This year the pump has got some updates like a better fit, has a clear flange, easier cleaning, and simpler assembly.

Sony’s 360 Reality Audio. Beyond real listening experience

This year at CES 2019, Sony put it’s most effort and spotlight to its 360 Reality Audio. For Sony, stereo is dead, and now it is time for more than two channels in audio. According to Sony, their announced 360 Reality Audio is about 24 object-based channels which are arranged in a 360-degree soundstage. Sony has announced that their 360 Reality Audio is aimed at streaming services and some of them are already got support to launch it like Nugs, Qobuz, Deezer and Tidal.