The end of 2018 is near. And now it is the perfect time to re-collect and sum up this year’s achievements. But what mankind has always done is looking forward. So, now let’s sum up some techs that will surely dominate the next year, 2019. Well, are you guessing about Artificial Intelligence, Mixed reality or Blockchain? Yes, some of them will but 2019 is about more to come next. Here is a brief summary of Gartner’s Trend Report combined with our expert and futuristic web design and mobile app development team’s view on which tech will dominate the next year.

Blockchain, AI (Artificial Intelligence) Quantum computing, Augmented analytics will be the new role model for Tech business.

As we can in the science fiction movies that AI robots are the bad boys. But some giant companies are already using them for good reasons. Microsoft & Uber is using the Knightscope K5 robots to patrol their parking lots and their huge outside area to predict and prevent crime. And do you wonder what can they do to prevent or predict crime? Here’s the fun part, they can read your license plate, monitor any kind of suspicious activity and give the report back to their owners. The use of an AI-driven robot is just an example of where the tech world if going forwarding to. And this type of practice will deliver a significant amount of opportunities for tech companies to implement AI techs on a large scale for the next 6 years.

The future will be characterized by smart devices delivering increasingly insightful digital services everywhere,said David Cearley, Gartner vice president.We call this the intelligent digital mesh.

So what are digital, intelligent and mesh?

Intelligent AI is existing virtually in every existing technology and it creates entirely new categories. By combining digital and physical world, it creates a technologically engaging world. And meshing a bunch of people, devices, services, and content it creates an exploiting connection between Silicon Chips and Human Cells.

Trends under each of these three themes are a key ingredient in driving a continuous innovation process as part of the continuous next strategy.” Cearley said.

[***As a first chapter, today I’m going to brief on 4 Tech trends to dominate in 2019. This will be a 3 chapter series which will include all 10 tech trends which will dominate the next year.***]


Trend No. 1: Autonomous things

Familiar with Tesla cars? If you are, then you obviously know that this car can run autonomously, without a driver’s help. So, tech is now sharing its hand with the human. Whether it is a car or robots or agriculture, autonomous things use AI to perform the tasks that are meant to be done by a human. The complexity may vary by the device to device but all of them use AI to interact and behave more naturally with the environment. Till now autonomous things exist across 5 types of devices,

  1. Robots
  2. Drones
  3. Appliances
  4. Vehicles
  5. Agents

These five types of devices cover our 4 environments, land, air, sea and digital. They all can operate with different capabilities, intelligence, and coordination. Suppose, we can use a drone which is operated by human intelligence can be used in farming autonomously. We can use them to cover and monitor a large farm. Thus we can predict the possibilities of the capabilities of AI-driven autonomous things. We can use AI-driven autonomous things in the place of any physical object of any organization. But there is a BUT. We must have to know and understand that AI is artificial. They totally don’t have the capabilities as a human brain has in decision making, self-learning and god gifted intelligence.

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Trend No. 2: Augmented Analytics

In modern days, data scientists have to manage, prepare, group and analyze a large amount of data. When managing this vast amount of data, exploring all corners of the data become impossible. So, a business can miss key insights that the data scientist can’t find in the hypotheses.

Augmented analytics is an automated algorithm that data scientists use to explore more hypotheses. Augmented analytics has transformed data science and machine learning tech to a new level of data management. I am guessing that by 2021, more than 50% of data science works will be automated.

What augmented analytics does is to search for and identify the hidden patterns when removing the personal bias. But businesses unintentionally insert the bias into the algorithm and augmented analytics can be embedded into enterprise or business applications. By the year 2021, citizen data scientists will grow five times more than professional data scientists. Citizen data scientists use AI augmented analytics tools which automatically identify data sets, develop hypotheses and identify patterns in the data. Businesses will follow citizen data scientists as a way of scale & enable data science capabilities.

Ten technology trends that will dominate 2019

Image: Ten technology trends that will dominate 2019


Trend No. 3: AI-driven development

Basically AI driven development focuses on tools and technologies in order to embed that AI into the application. This trend is evolving surrounding by two dimensions,

1) The tools which are used to develop AI-powered solution are expanding rapidly. It is expanding from tools targeting data scientists to tools that target professional AI developer. What data scientists do in AI-powered solutions are, they create AI- infrastructure, AI frameworks and AI platform. And what professional developer community does are. they can infuse AI-powered capabilities into an application without the involvement of a data scientist. So enterprises will search for and use tools targeting the professional developer community more than the tools that target data scientists.

2) Tools used to build AI-powered solutions are also being used by AI-driven capabilities. These capabilities help professional developers and automate the tasks related to the development of AI solutions. Augmented analytics, automated testing, automatic code generation speeds up the development process and it can be used by a wide range of developers to develop the tool.

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Trend No. 4: Blockchain

The blockchain is one kind of distribution ledger, an increasing chronologically ordered list of cryptographically signed irrevocable transactional records which is shared and viewable by all member of the network. Blockchain allows a company to trace any business transaction. Through Blockchain, a company can work with an untrusted party without working or negotiating with any centralized party such as a bank. It reduces collision between parties and there is no issue of trust. Everything is automatically checked and monitored. This has expanded to government offices, healthcare, supply chains, and other enterprise businesses.

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