The new era of pay-to-play advertising with Facebook and LinkedIn can be frightening. How much should you pay to get the best outcomes? How will your results be considered? Would it be worth paying for such type of advertising? As a business entity, your organisation would want to spread your brand over numerous clients and potential clients as much as possible, but is it worthy enough to spend on advertising on Facebook or on Linkedin? 

If your organisation is having a Facebook page, you must have likely been influenced to “Boost your Posts.” Similarly, if you have a Company page for advertising on LinkedIn, you would have seen the option to “Sponsor Content.” These are few networks’ respective paid brand promotion functions. Will your business benefit from a pay-to-play alternative? 
As the two platforms look similar, let’s get a closer look on drawbacks and advantages of LinkedIn Ads vs. Facebook Ads.

The procedure of advertising your content on Facebook and LinkedIn is quiet simple. You just require these few things:

  • Content to advertise and promote.
  • An idea of your target audience.
  • A budget to promote your content.

B2B vs. B2C

Whether you are from B2B or B2C, it will impact what platform you opt for. LinkedIn could be the best set up for B2B engagements while Facebook is for B2C mostly. However there are certain circumstances where such scenarios could swap. The key for your best promotional activity is understanding why your target audience is on a particular platform.

For instance, you are selecting individuals working with a network marketing company. Even if that is a B2B initiative, Facebook would be an ideal site to search your targets since many network marketers use Facebook as a technique to drive up their businesses.

If you are a B2C business and your targets are specific to a professional sector then LinkedIn could be best for you. An availability for executives and a service for business travellers are two examples.


If you’re looking forward to leverage paid promotion for your products and services, it’s quiet essential to know the contrast between Facebook and LinkedIn.

Facebook has a more powerful platform and is much cheaper than LinkedIn. You can target Facebook ads by executing a pixel on your site and building custom audiences of those who clicked through your ads.

Uploading of your email list to Facebook could also be a good alternative for you, target those who have already liked your page (or their friends also), or those who have somehow got engaged with your content and posts.

The spot where LinkedIn edges out Facebook is in the B2B sector. If you’re promoting an ad to all C-level employees or you’re selling a big ticket business thing, LinkedIn may be a much better alternative.

But thing to know with LinkedIn promotion is that it’s much more expensive than Facebook, so you must have a specific objective before you give implement on it.

The News Feed

LinkedIn is a much better platform for organic promotions or engagements since it doesn’t carry the terrifying Facebook breakthrough. Being displayed on LinkedIn is far simpler with organic posts, though the platform is quiet difficult for gaining attraction with native posts.

If you’re just a start up on Facebook, you can anticipate to leverage advertising for initial likes on your page till you have a huge relevant network for productive promotion. One rule is applicable for both the platforms: build content users get to engage with (like, share, comment) and it will get promoted.


One important advantage for businesses on LinkedIn over Facebook is the search activity. This comes down to the way individuals indulge into LinkedIn compared to Facebook and its function itself.

LinkedIn’s search activity is enough for a reason to have an optimized account for your business and its team members, especially if you are from a B2B sector. Also, it has an option to have any common connections to attain a reference or get an introduction.

Local or Online

Local businesses must be on the Facebook platform without raising a question, whether you’re a B2B business or B2C business.

Since you’re working local, you can use your personal networks to extend the reach of your business profile. Facebook advertising is an ideal for local businesses. Just because everyone enters where they live into their personal profile, making it a cakewalk to target potential audience at a lower cost.

There is surely a benefit too on being on LinkedIn as a local business, but being on Facebook is a must promotional activity.

Hopefully this may have helped you in narrowing things when it comes to planning a business. If you’re searching for further customized assistance, you can reach out us at (02) 7911 3197  or leave us an email at  for a strategy session where we will assist you with ” How to optimize your business” with Facebook and Linkedin techniques. based or a LinkedIn Profile Optimization.