Web development and design go hand-in-hand. Both design and development platforms of a website development project should comprehensively complete your business needs throughout, ensuring that the all attractive branding and site performance targets are met.

So do you require custom web development allotted into your online marketing strategies and objectives? For a successful business model whether for a small or large sized firm, the answer is of course yes. Still, you should acknowledge all the alternatives in front of you so that its easy to eliminate inefficient one.

Taking Care of Common Mistakes and Myths:

Mistake #1: Social Media would be the Tactic!

A Facebook Page is a must, but it can restrict your offer if it’s all that your company has.

Surely, Facebook do have an active user base but solely Facebook could not assist you in running your entire online business. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and others make great digital marketing existence into the B2C businesses, B2B businesses, E-commerce and non-profit organizations. When occupied in a right way, social media captures your users, introduce brand loyalty, opens up a customer service/feedback network, and provides another track to let your company grow and enhance.

However, if social media is the only online base for selling your products/services or generating leads into an account, that may not stand up for very long.

  • If you want your end users to directly message you via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media platforms, there is a strong barrier for entry for non-members of these social media platforms.
  • Your creativity will be limited to the design, patterns and redesigns that the social media platform levies.
  • Your extra ordinary functionality is strictly constrained.
  • Your call-to-action services will also limit.
  • Simply, it’s not the most effective inbound digital marketing strategy—a strong SEO approach incorporates social media, but search engines will firstly serve your website domain link in the search data.

Social media is an important approach in the digital marketing era but working solely by it, would limit your target market.

Mistake #2: Online Directories & Listings would be Enough.

Getting your brand existence in a telephonic column, whether print or online, simply doesn’t cut it. Displaying your business name in an online telephonic directory for your category industry can be pleasing but it’s a problematic action alone as:

  • You will be listed among competitors and sometimes in hard-to-find columns.
  • You won’t get an option for choosing as in how your business appears, as it’s not your personalized web.
  • Organic invention via Google or any other search engines isn’t fully optimizing.
  • The directory itself may appear as spam by Google—you may be displayed in a bad neighbourhood.

Online appearance in listings, directories & maps such as Yelp, Expedia, Foursquare, etc. are all essential for getting your business listed wherever your target audience might be browsing. You would be looking at it from an off-site SEO perspective. Use a consistently-formatted name, address, and phone number across your collective online entities so that nearby prospects have a better chance of becoming customers/clients.

This is a crucial part of Local SEO.

Mistake #3: A copy-and-paste Website Development Is All I require.

Squarespace, Weebly, and Wix are sensible for simple or high budgeted-confined businesses.

These website-builders provide affordable templates while offering a variety of styles to opt form. But for those who desire for a non-template design, create a unique user experience, offer custom web application platform, to get efficient SEO results, or acquire great web performance as utmost priority, then you require a custom web development through an open-source content management system such as WordPress or Drupal, which offers value that website builders can’t provide.

Opting for a site builder is like renting out an apartment while custom website development is like acquiring a full-owned bungalow. It all depends on your priorities, circumstances and aims.

And if you’ve planned for a custom web design and development, CMS website for your business, know what BUSINESS BENEFITS AND BRAND BENEFITS it offers.

A custom-quality designed and developed website offers a great and solid user experience to your target audience. It enlightens upon your business offer in the exact way you desire it to be. A custom website also helps in enhancing SEO rankings, therein influencing more targeted traffic to your landing pages. Ranking on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo is vital for a strong SEO strategy of your website. Users are already looking for your offer and SEO-friendly web development would let them search you and stick around when they do.

Most vital feature provided is that a custom website increases business conversions. A well-developed website that is built for quick loading is vital for reducing bounce rates, offering an enjoyable user experience, and encouraging users to commit to whichever their desired action maybe. Lastly, a custom website is one that enhances with growth of your business. A typical business encounters roadblocks, changes, and renovations—thus, your custom website should be prepared for adaptability. A well-developed and designed website offers the long-term flexibility, security, and growth prospects necessary for a successful business.

A custom website inherits about how much you care for your brand image and digital growth strategy.

With the right planning, your custom website provides an awesome consistency across your other digital channels and physical entities. It produces a growth culture instead of drifting it apart. Your custom website allows you to create expectations that can be achieved also providing fluid progress in the customer journey—whether it’s from your web display to your store address, your website to the client meeting, or from your site to the package that delivers at the customer’s door.

It’s the first experience which leads to productivity whether of a product sale, a reservation, a non-profit donation, or a business entity relationship. For a solid brand equity and leaving memorable imprints, your website should be something which users can share across social media platforms, direct message (DM), email, text (SMS), bookmark, and link from other websites. So make sure to, treat it as your masterpiece.

  • It’s your web infrastructure.
  • Your 24/7 storefront and sales team.
  • Your inbound marketing chief-commander.
  • It’s the ultimate online display of your solid brand image.
  • And for people who search your brand name on google or any other search engine, what you offer, or any other relevant content related to your brand, it’s going to be your brand’s first impression.