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Cravers, an On-Demand Food Delivery App

Cravers, On-Demand Food Delivery App


Aiming to let food junkies experience the best homemade food delivery, our client wanted to revolutionize the food delivery system. He wanted to let customers feel the taste of homemade food, not some average restaurant food. Completely owned and operated by a family, it has become a competent market player in the operating region. Our client was up to a fast, reliable, and user-friendly food ordering and delivery app resulting in better user engagement and business prosper.

Too many mobile app makers hesitate to develop an application with advanced technologies that we have used in our application. The application that we have crafted helps our client for long-term success. Regular updates in order to enhance performance and consistency, resulting in increased traffic on the application. Cravers is an app purely owned by an Australian company. With the increasing demand for food lovers and a busy schedule, people have less time to cook for themselves. On the other hand, there is an existent of people who love to cook food but don’t want to waste them. They are likely to earn money from cooking lots of different types of foods. Cravers app brings those two types of people together. This is the reason why our respected client came up with the idea of making this food delivery app.

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What is Cravers App

Cravers is an app made for both food makers and food lovers. Food makers can earn some extra money by delivering their homemade foods to those who need some instant foods. And Cravers app delivers the foods you love. So put Cravers in your pocket and get the food you love.


The challenges that were brought by the client, was more than developing the app. In the first phase, it was more of a research thing. The main challenge that we faced was, quantify the foods that a cook/seller wants to sell. With some great intelligence and practical knowledge, we overcame the challenge and sorted out how to quantify the foods. Here are some other challenges that we had to face during making the app,

  • It was a great challenge for us to develop the app out of scratch. The client only had some basic concepts and with the technology limitation, it was really hard for us to create the app.
  • Combining the fastest food delivery system with making the app user-friendly was one of our main concerns.
  • Accomplish the full app development within 3 months.
  • Deliver such a high quality and user-friendly product within a limited budget.
  • After doing a lot of research and consulting with various companies, our client came to us and discussed their food ordering idea with us
  • The primary thing out client needed was the help of an expert technology partner
  • Android and iOS support was our client's another requirement
  • Building an app from an idea or concept was his another requirement
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Our first concern was to listen to the client very carefully and gather his concept. We then had to study and analyze the full app architecture where the target audience and desired sellers will meet at one point. After all those imaginative initiative, our team was more than ready to take on the project. Based on the market scenario, we came up with the below solutions,

  • We carefully documented and suggested the client the best feature/s that we can integrate within the app for the client’s business needs.
  • Our expert developer team designed the full architecture and user-interface to create the Menu section and Add to cart ordering system conveniently.
  • We used Hybrid technology to offer modern features to make the app universal, flexible and cost-effective
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