So, why does ecommerce matter to a start-up or small business like yours? One word: money. Small to medium businesses do not have much money to spend on enlarging their market through expensive advertising, nor do they have much money to spend on hiring extra salespeople or opening new stores to sell their products and services in multiple geographic locations. However, with an eCommerce website you can achieve all these things with a return on investment that blows out any other form of marketing. An ecommerce website is more than just marketing. It is a sales channel or a salesperson for you to the world!

More people everyday are opting for the ease and comfort of shopping online. With greater reach and more opportunities to find your target audience, Online Business is definitely the way of the future. If you have a physical store, you are limited with the geographical area that you can service. With an eCommerce website, the whole world can be your Market. It helps you to reduce the costs in maintaining and managing your inventory. Moreover you can remain open 24/7 and your online store can even record and refer to the buying habits of your customers.

Whether you are starting for a new eCommerce store or looking to upgrade your existing online shop with new functionalities, we can help you with our solutions at affordable price.

Our passionate designers and developers have worked for many successful Ecommerce sites. We understand the process of accepting payments online and selling a product or service. We can build a solution for your web site that utilizes almost any software and any number of functions such as foreign currency conversions and transactions, and services such as Paypal, Yahoo! Wallet and Authorise.Net. The possibilities are limitless.

Our focus with ecommerce websites is two-fold. Return on investment; and your customers. You need your ecommerce website to make you more money and to do that it needs to appeal to your customers. It is no different to designing and building a new store, or training and developing a salesperson and pitch.

Our experience in developing online product catalogs, shopping cart systems, online ordering websites, and stock / inventory management systems should give you confidence that we will deliver an ecommerce website that will grow your business and implement e-Commerce strategies which will help to capitalize your target market.

Packed with Interactive Features and Options

Our ecommerce platform is filled with useful features which will enable you to easily engage with your customers. We help you choose the features based on strategic decision on customer and business needs.
  • Custom design
  • Powerful inventory management
  • Flexible shipping and handling
  • Payment processing options
  • Easy stock updates
  • Analytics and stats
  • Search engine friendly
  • Cross sell, upsell and suggested products
  • Gift vouchers, Registry, saved cart and wish list
  • Customer management
  • Group management
  • Deals and discounts
  • Newsletters and promotion codes
  • Sophisticated search filtering
  • Custom portal development
  • Accounting software integration

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