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3D Rendering Service for a Mid-sized builder

3D Rendering Service for a Mid-sized builder


The client is a Mid-sized Builder company located in Sydney, Australia. The company offers complete Interior or Exterior design & construction duties ranging from Residential or Commercial building for more than 20 years. Its customer base includes local businesses, real estate companies, restaurants, resorts, fashion retails and many more. As they’re offering extensive architectural rendering services for years, the company was searching for newer fields to extend their business operations. They focused mainly on corporate entities that were looking for tailor-made architectural designs. As the client landed on a large project, they need to propose the same thing in the investor meeting for which they needed the 3D rendering services.

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We always love to work with domain-specific because it gives us new experience every time. But in this specific case, there were some critical challenges that were must needed to be addressed. This is what makes this 3D interior renderings case study a bit unique.

The turnaround time didn’t take much time and the size of the project was huge. In a short bracket of time, the client urged for some extra requirements associated with the project. They also wanted to bring every resource available in the table so that the work can meet their company’s quality standards that were set by them.

  • The primary requirement was to get 3D interior renderings for all of their office projects.
  • According to their 2D sketch, they wanted us to do the 3D Rendering
  • They also wanted a pilot project so that they can judge our skills and work perfection
  • The client wanted us to finish the 3D rendering interior design job in 48 hours
  • The cost also needed to meet the budgetary constraints they had
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Throughout the entire rendering process, we maintained a strict line to ensure our work meets the client’s specifications and requirements. As a professional 3D rendering company, we made sure that we don’t get any complaints about the quality of our work. We divided the project into multiple modules and assigned them to multiple groups of experts. A project manager was always there to coordinate with these groups effectively.

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