3D Rendering


What is 3D Rendering?

3D Rendering is nothing but a digitally staged virtual visualization of spaces or constructions before they are physically constructed. They are digitally made environment of indoor or outdoor of a building utilizing top-level computer technology. By using 3D rendering, a designer can produce high end, realistic 3D images which can’t be possible with traditional 2D drawings. It is a creative and totally computer-based process that totally looks like a photograph. It looks like a photograph because a designer can put lighting, shades, and stages multiple objects to produce a 3D image.

Practically 3D rendering is a representation of a two-dimensional simulation that has color, lighting, shadow, texture and other materials which can be seen in a three-dimensional perspective. Designers use 3D software to create those simulations. Technical drawing is also often needed as a framework. Once the 3D model has been made, textures, lighting is added to bring a photographic and realistic look to it.

Global Development
Global Development

How we do 3D Rendering

Sometimes customers don’t have enough clue of what is happening in the designer’s mind or how the final output may look like! But our most advanced and up to date 3D rendering architecture will show you a shadow of the final outcome even before the start of our work. The images of our 3D model architecture are complex in details when it comes to texturing, rendering and modeling. We also give a practical impact of shadow, sunlight, detailed highlight and realistic objects into that final image, so that our customer can gain a feel of the real building.

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