TITLE: Smarter Macarthur Magazine Business


Smarter Macarthur, a Macarthur based B2B Magazine company publishing their printed magazine successfully throughout the years.


Our client came to us to make them a news style online version of their magazine. They have a significant amount of readers from Macarthur local to the whole of NSW region. So, they needed a fast and well-readable website to announce their online presence.


The website is now the most-read monthly magazine website in the region. The new website now allows the readers to read all the local news from anywhere, not only in paper but also on the INTERNET.


Hand delivering to more than 6000 businesses across the Macarthur region, it was a challenge to face for the Smarter Macarthur. They provide a large number of opportunities to the B2B community through their printed magazine. Now they’ve increased that opportunity to cover more businesses with both PRINT and a DIGITAL copy of their news publication.


As I said earlier, our client had to face the challenge to reach out to more people and in order to achieve that, our client addressed us to make them a reader-friendly magazine website. They wanted their presence in the World Wide Web because readers demanded the online version of the magazine. To maintain the class, we had to make a speedy and secured web-magazine site. Our ultimate goal was to make a good looking and news feed reached home page that’ll catch the eye of a reader instantly.

And while scrolling through the feed, we had to ensure that all the news has to be in the right focus of the reader. Our client approached Supreme Supports with the following brief. The website should have a News like interface.

  • The website should have a great reader-friendly News structure.
  • Capable of handling a significant amount of time anytime.
  • An Easy-to-use CMS (Content Management System), so that they shouldn’t have difficulties to write or upload any news in the future.
  • The CMS also has to handle a large amount of traffic at any given time.
  • A proper and working Advertising page which should have a multi-payment system. And the payment system should be very secure and easy-to-use.
  • Our client wanted to include a Directory page where they can showcase all their partners by using our state-of-the-art tech solution skill, design, and creativity to target potential new clients and customers.


Once our team was told all the requirements, they immediately sought out what they should do to make a complete news site. They were ready to take the challenge. Due to the complexity of every news site, our development team had to ensure that, the homepage shows correctly and the interlinking pages meet the accuracy.

Also, they had to create a completely new and innovative ‘Advertise with us’ page where the contact form and the Payment gateway looks neat and secured so that it has a clear and understandable process to visibly guide purchasers through the buying process to checkout.

The next stage was to categorize the news and inputting hundreds of them in the proper category.

A search function was also included to properly find any news without any hustle.


Our client was completely blown away with a visually appealing website which incorporates the latest in advanced technological and digital aspects. The increasing their website presence and organic traffic has increased immensely due to the particular way in which we set out the site. The commitment invested into the site by our staff has led to a website which will grow with the business catering for current and future traffic, allowing it to function as intended.

With ongoing support and maintenance as part of our contract, our team of professional developers are regularly evaluating the sites performance and identifying ways of streamlining and increasing efficiency.

Key Outcomes

Since our inception and Re-design their online presence and business has increased and continues to provide a large portion of their revenue.