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Stelly – Case Study

Stelly -- Ecommerce Development


When it is about high-street fashion brands in Australia, Stelly dominates the scene. A Sydney based boutique fashion clothing manufacturer, conceptualised in 2005 with one retail outlet on Sydney’s North Shore, our Client has expanded to 4 retail outlets across Sydney in addition to their strong online presence. The brand is one of the pioneers in offering the latest fashion trends, great quality products and, most importantly to consumers, awesome affordability. Ther company grew hard from simple beginnings to become one the largest online fashion retailer in Australia. Stelly, though it is one of the greatest fashion retail brands, it was not managing its website productively. The site was very restrictive in how a product or a category could be handled. The management at Stelly was constantly frustrated by phone calls from customers who couldn’t find the products they were looking for or they couldn’t easily complete their purchase. So then we came to the scene.

Client Feature image
  • Cater for very high traffic, with an average of 200 orders a day
  • A streamlined content Management System (CMS) which could handle hundreds of customers visiting the website at any given time
  • Capacity to clearly display around 100,000 high-resolution images of clothing products in a web-friendly way.
  • Incorporate their gift voucher system seamlessly.
  • Cater for a complicated shipping process with a national and international customer base
  • Accommodate a loyalty points system with accurate calculations and real-time display, allowing for use when desired.
  • Our client required a Complex Online store with many Custom requirements.
  • The Website should be capable of handling more than a few hundreds during the peak working hours.
  • Website had to be responsive.
  • Live Chat support.
  • A powerful search system.
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The design and development team were presented with a challenge due to the quality of the website and its ability to cater for such large volumes of traffic from different perspectives at any stage of the day.

We began by highlighting the key areas which needed to be addressed, including:

  • Website functionality
  • Hi-tech, high-speed and easy to use E-Commerce system
  • Online store (product display, information, pricing, etc. (including high resolution images for up to 100,000 units)) with the ability to easily make changes and additions
  • Administer a complicated online shipping process with accurate calculations for destinations
  • Integrated loyalty points systems

Once these were highlighted our team of experts went about developing the site from scratch ensuring that each area integrated and complemented the other, providing easy navigation and a user friendly purchasing system which allowed the customer to complete their transaction in one simple process. With images of critical importance great emphasis was placed on implementing the best, and fastest system which would allow hundreds of simultaneous customers to browse and purchase without slowing the system or causing interruptions.

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